Industries Served


Tri-State works with various Aerospace manufacturers, conforming to “RA” standards and providing equipment, compound and media to exact customer specifications, providing non-disclosures and providing exact processes for individual needs. 


We provide the automotive industry with various mass finishing options, robotics and find this market to be a perfect fit for mass finishing. Suppliers to the automotive market find vibratory and surface finishing detrimental in processing accessories, interior and exterior parts for major automakers. Many of the thousands of small and larger parts required to build motors, hardware and components can perform better when their contact surfaces are smooth and without burrs or defective surfaces, which allows for further processing such as powder coating, painting, etc. We also work closely with the racing industry, some of whom supply parts to high performance organizations (such as NASCAR).


From porcelain teeth, to dental instruments and orthodontic equipment, this industry is one of the largest users of mass finishing equipment and supplies. Our equipment can quickly polish multiple dental partials and crowns instead of one at a time. No more finishing parts by hand.

Bearings, Gears and Weights

We provide our bearing, gear and weight customers with the technical know-how and expertise in the field of deburring and high polish finishes to confirm to their exact needs. Burnishing in steel or stainless steel media leaves parts smooth with a high polish or to specified RA requirements.


The Firearm industry uses polishing equipment to aid in finishing small moving parts in rifles and handguns, such as springs, trigger parts, shafts, etc. By use of vibratory deburring and/or tumbling of these parts, the firearm is less likely to malfunction or jam, and helps the gun or rifle perform to its optimal capacities.

Ammunition manufacturers also tumble or use vibratory machines to polish the inside & outside of bullet and shell casings, or bullet tips.

Flatware Burnishing

We have developed a process to extend the life of silverware and flatware, developed initially for silverware rental companies, to help clean and polish used silverwear by removing small scratches and polishing the surface, remove flash rust and helps reduce future nicking due to work hardening of the surface area. 


The jewelry industry, no matter how large or small, benefits by using mass finishing equipment, from table top vibratory equipment, to high energy tumblers. No more polishing or finishing by hand, our equipment and supplies can help provide a perfectly smooth surface area.


Tri-State provides many major players in the medical industry with equipment, media and compounds in the manufacture of surgical implants such as knee replacement parts, bone screws, plates, hip replacement parts, etc. A precision finishing process will give a high-quality finish and at the same time, deburr and round edges to a specified degree. We can help with precision finishing, smoothing, polishing, deburring and rounding to specific RA specifications.

Rubber & Plastics

When rubber parts are cast or plastics extruded, they often leave small pieces or flashing from the molds. Mass Finishing is one of the most efficient processes for deflashing. From rubber seals, to O’Rings, plug covers, and gaskets, we can help complete the production process.

Sporting Equipment

Fishing reels, hunting and fishing knives and even lighters are best finished in some type of vibratory deburring or mass finishing equipment. Bicycle parts, lawn mower parts, engines and many other sporting equipment can benefit from mass finishing. Do you need a smooth finish? Matte finish? Preplate finish? Tri-State Metal Finishing, Inc. can help using various types of media and compounds to come up with alternative finishes, making each product unique.  

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